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Are Nick And Vanessa The Future Nick And Vanessa?

There are two Nick and Vanessas in town, the newest Bachelor couple and the original Lacheys, and it's eerie how similar they are.

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When Nick Viall asked Vanessa Grimaldi if she'd accept his final rose on The Bachelor, they officially became "Nick and Vanessa."

But what about the already established Nick and Vanessa? You know, Lachey.

"Heyyy, remember us?"

Upon further investigation, it seems the two Nick and Vanessas have more than their names in common! For starters, they both love kissing photos.

They both know how to rock cold weather gear.

But can also clean up nicely.
Instagram: @vanessalachey

Very suspect that both Vanessas chose sparkly black dresses...

Both Nicks have history with globally recognized boy bands.

Nick with the Backstreet Boys...

And they both enjoy the talk show circuit.

Nick considered being on The Ellen Show a dream.

Instagram: @nicklachey

And Nick "had a blast" with Kelly Ripa!

Both Vanessas show off their great food choices.

Three burgers? Yes, please.

Instagram: @vanessalachey

You'd be a fool to say no to that lasagna.

Most important — and most suspect — of all, both Nicks confidently pull off chunky turtlenecks!

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So, are Nick and Vanessa the future Nick and Vanessa? It's hard to say, but if they are, Nick and Vanessa's future is looking pretty cute.
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