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Best Ways To Destress

Feeling overwhelmed by DJDS life and stressed out by constant references to the "old RHMA"? Check out this article!

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1. Teenage life is full of constant stress and pressure, and we all need to take time to just breathe and relax. Here are a few ways you can take time for yourself. / Via google images

Mental health and de-stressing is super important! Try to find a way that works to help you relax

2. Sleep!!

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The best thing to help stress is getting a good nights sleep. Without sleep, things feel a lot more stressful and unmanageable. If you have trouble sleeping check out this article!

3. Take a break on the internet

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The internet can be a great resource for short term relaxation and destress, and here are some videos/articles to get you started:

4. Take a bath! / Via google images

Take a deep breath, and let the warm water relax you. If you want to be a relaxation bath pro, maybe buy candles, bubble bath or a bath bomb. For more bath ideas read this:

5. Go outside and hike or just breath the fresh air / Via google images

Being out in nature is a wonderful way to clear your head and relax. Nature is one of the few places you can take a moment and hear yourself think without being surrounded by stressful things. Hiking is incredible, but if it's too much a commitment, just going outside and breathing fresh air is a great option too. We are lucky to live in Colorado, which is chock-full of beautiful nature. For a list of hikes near and around denver check out this website:

6. Meditate or try yoga / Via google image

Meditation and and yoga are great ways to unwind after a stressful day. Check out this links to learn how to meditate or do yoga:

7. Workout! / Via google images

Working out releases endorphins (hormones in your brain that make you feel good!) and it can help put extra energy to work. There are also many different ways to workout! You can sign up for the gym, go to a class, work out in your house, or join a sports team!

9. Read a book! / Via google images

Some people think reading is overrated in this modern day and age of technology, but really it's one of the oldest and best ways to relax. When you find the right book and curl up with some tea it's an amazing experience. Books can transport you into a whole other world, and leave stress behind. Take this quiz to find the right book:

10. Find a hobby or project

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Take up knitting, start a blog, put a puzzle together, volunteer and try and put your energy into something else. It can be really satisfying to get work done you want to do, not something your teachers or parents tell you to do. Here are some cool ideas you can try:

11. Good long term solution

All of these solutions to de-stress in the article have been short term solutions. Short term solutions do exactly what they are called, solve your problems in the short term. Being in charge of your own mental health is hard, and sometimes getting outside help is a good thing. Therapy can serve as a really great long term stress solution. There is a huge stigma surrounding therapy, and it's certainly not for everyone, but it can be an amazing resource for some. It's a safe space to talk to someone about the problems in your life, and together find ways to help make life easier for you. If you want to learn more about therapy read this:

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