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    How To Make Smoked Trout Dip

    Dip > Everything else.

    Lauren Zaser/Alice Mongkongllite / Via BuzzFeed

    This dip is basically adult tuna salad, meaning it's acceptable to serve at dinner parties. If you've never had it, smoked trout is the bacon of the sea. Seriously. It has awesome smokey flavor with very minimal fishiness.

    It's really good on bagels, too, FWIW.

    Here's what you'll need:

    Lauren Zaser / Via BuzzFeed Life

    For the full recipe, jump to the bottom of this post.

    1. Start buy finely slicing the chives. Think of them as teeny tiny carrots– you're more slicing, not really chopping.

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    Keeping the rubber band on your chives will make them all stay together, making it *much* easier to get nice, even pieces.

    2. Break up the trout fillets into large pieces. It will continue to flake apart once you start mixing, you're just giving it a head start.

    Lauren Zaser / Via BuzzFeed Life

    Most smoked trout will come without skin–if it comes *with* skin, just peel it away and discard it before flaking the trout.

    3. Add the chives, mascarpone, and sour cream to the bowl with the trout.

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    4. Squeeze a lemon over the bowl, using your hands as ~seed catchers~. Add 2 tablespoons of juice, which is about 1 lemon's worth.

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    5. Using a fork (to help break up the trout), mix everything together, and season with salt and pepper.


    It should look like really creamy tuna salad. Or a chunky sour cream dip. Your call.

    6. No go forth and spread this on any and all crackers, toast or bread-like products.

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    Adorable fish dish optional.

    Click HERE for a full Feast of the Seven Fishes menu.

    Lauren Zaser/Alice Mongkongllite / Via BuzzFeed

    Smoked Trout Dip with Chives and Mascarpone

    By Alison Roman

    Serves 8

    5 oz. package of smoked trout fillets, skin discarded

    1 cup mascarpone cheese or cream cheese

    1 cup sour cream

    ¼ cup finely sliced chives

    2 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice

    Kosher salt and pepper

    Bread, toast, or crackers for serving

    Using your hands, break up the trout into large pieces into a medium bowl. Add the mascarpone, sour cream, chives, and lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper. Using a fork, mix it really well until it kind of looks like really creamy tuna salad. Serve on crackers, toast or anything crispy you like.