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29 Incredible Cakes For The Drake Fan In All Of Us

::Googles custom bakery::

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1. If someone gave me this cake, I'd frame it.

You used to, you used to.

2. Dear these people: Can we hang out? You seem Drake. I mean awesome.

3. A tower of Drake, v impressive.

My name isn't Michelle, but it could be.

7. Is this a powdered sugar stencil? White sprinkles? Who cares, this cake fucking rules.

FWIW this is also the cover of my favorite Drake album.

8. Photoshopping yourself into Drake's arms, SUCH a good move.

I see what you did here, and I like it.

9. A grumpy face only a mother/everyone could love.

10. If you ask nicely, the bakery will make sure Drake's face occupies the entire surface of the cake.

11. If your cake isn't topped by a mini marzipan Drake, maybe just go home.

"Mini marzipan Drake" now at the top of my Christmas list.

12. Drake's expression here = 100.

13. The closest I'll ever get to my long-standing fantasy of watching Drake swim in a sea of sprinkles.

That'll do.

14. Never too old for a Drake cake.

15. I hereby request all future cakes I consume be adorned with a Drake collage.

16. When it's not enough to show just his face.

Damn, Gina.

17. For the minimalist Drake fan.

18. I would enjoy fondant for you, Drake.

19. +1 for every additional celebrity invited to the cake.

20. Three Drake cakes > one Drake cake.

21. Looks like that perfect jawline could cut this cake all by itself.

Thank you, I'll be here all week.

22. Technically an iPhone cake, but I'll let it slide.

Because Drake.

23. What a time to be alive, Susie.

24. Cupcakes also accepted.

Kind of a bummer for whoever gets the "WOES" one but w/e.

25. Aw, look: He wore his *white suit* for you.

26. Classic birthday cake pairing of chocolate buttercream and Drake's profile.

27. I hope this is an ice cream cake.

28. This cake is fine, if you don't mind slicing into that perfect face.

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