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29 Incredible Cakes For The Drake Fan In All Of Us

::Googles custom bakery::

1. If someone gave me this cake, I'd frame it.

2. Dear these people: Can we hang out? You seem Drake. I mean awesome.

3. A tower of Drake, v impressive.




7. Is this a powdered sugar stencil? White sprinkles? Who cares, this cake fucking rules.

8. Photoshopping yourself into Drake's arms, SUCH a good move.

9. A grumpy face only a mother/everyone could love.

10. If you ask nicely, the bakery will make sure Drake's face occupies the entire surface of the cake.

11. If your cake isn't topped by a mini marzipan Drake, maybe just go home.

12. Drake's expression here = 100.

13. The closest I'll ever get to my long-standing fantasy of watching Drake swim in a sea of sprinkles.

14. Never too old for a Drake cake.

15. I hereby request all future cakes I consume be adorned with a Drake collage.

16. When it's not enough to show just his face.

17. For the minimalist Drake fan.

18. I would enjoy fondant for you, Drake.

19. +1 for every additional celebrity invited to the cake.

20. Three Drake cakes > one Drake cake.

21. Looks like that perfect jawline could cut this cake all by itself.

22. Technically an iPhone cake, but I'll let it slide.

23. What a time to be alive, Susie.

24. Cupcakes also accepted.

25. Aw, look: He wore his *white suit* for you.

26. Classic birthday cake pairing of chocolate buttercream and Drake's profile.

27. I hope this is an ice cream cake.

28. This cake is fine, if you don't mind slicing into that perfect face.

29. Blessed.