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19 Breathtaking Avocado Toasts That Happened In 2015

Who wore it best?

1. This sultry roasted garlic and hemp seed avocado toast.

Check out that roasted garlic. Me-ow. Recipe here.

2. This meaty chorizo and avocado toast with radishes.

Kind of like nachos. Except bread instead of chips. And avocado instead of cheese. Recipe here.

3. This INSANE egg-in-a-hole meets avocado toast.


4. This stunning Avocado, Persimmon and Fennel Toast

And pomegranate! Recipe here.

5. This crazy-vibrant roasted beet hummus avocado toast.

THAT COLOR THO. Recipe here.

6. This ~genius~ BLT avocado toast.

The only way to make avocado toast more delicious is to top it with lots of bacon. OH LOOK! Recipe here.

7. This festive grilled corn avocado toast.

Grilled corn + avocado = very important. Recipe here.

8. This mysterious avocado toast with dukkah.

Dukkah is an Egyptian spice blend made of nuts, seeds, and spices. It's your avocado toast's new best friend. Recipe for dukkah and toast here.

9. This mind-blowing smoked avocado toast.

Smoking an avocado over wood chips makes it taste like you're eating bacon, which is pretty much the greatest thing to ever happen. Recipe here.

10. This fun avocado toast with micro greens and sesame.

MICRO GREENS are teeny-tiny greens and make everything you put them on more fun to eat. Especially avocado toast. Recipe here.

11. This extremely handsome avocado toast with cucumbers, lime, and tahini.

Never put thinly sliced cucumber on your avocado toast? You haven't lived. Recipe here.

12. This sassy avocado and hummus toast with dill and za'atar.

Za'atar is a Middle Eastern spice blend that contains dried herbs, sesame, and a tangy spice called sumac, which became very ~cool~ this year. What I'm trying to say is make this toast immediately. Recipe here.

13. This healthy avocado toast with kale tapenade.

This one also features tahini, a sesame paste that you should be drizzling on everything. Recipe here.

14. This dreamy warm cheesy avocado toast.

Seems pretty important to me, idk.

15. This very adult black sesame and hemp avocado toast.

It's also got some things like dried seaweed and fancy vinegar, making it SO adult.. Recipe here.

16. This HOLY SHIT THERE IS AN AVOCADO INSIDE MY BREAD (and also an egg) avocado toast.

Traditionally speaking, the avocado goes ~on top~ of the toast, but who's to say it can't go INSIDE? With AN EGG? Recipe here.

17. This gorgeous smoked salmon avocado toast.

It even features radish, the most *beautiful* vegetable of all. Recipe here

18. This cute avocado toast with peaches and whipped feta.

So stripey, so cute, so important! Recipe here.

19. This crunchy and colorful avocado toast with pistachio and pomegranate.

Your avocado toast called: It wants more crunch. Recipe here.

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