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Your Work Day As Told By Gilmore Girls Gifs

la la, la la, la la la la, la

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Your day starts like any other: In denial you have to wake up...

...and get ready

You have to wait for the bus which never comes because.... MBTA

Finally you get to work, but not without coffee first

You work day starts with catching up on emails, and of course after 5 minutes of work you feel like you've done enough

by 11:00 you're not sure if you can make it

A customer calls to touch base on their case

but you really don't know who they are...

...and they don't. stop. calling.

but you're stronger than they are

you just keep repeating the same thing over the phone to them, and you're simultaneously on Twitter

They usually say something snarky which causes you to lose interest

For mental health reasons, you stop answering the phones

But it's ok, because finally it's lunch time!

Of course, SOMEONE took too long to get their food, and you're starving

Reading the news all day to pass the time just gets depressing

So you catch up with co workers on their gossip

while you make an intern do your last task for you

Everyone starts talking about their 5 year plans, which stresses you out

You finally hear someone mention Happy Hour

but not without another customer calling you at 4:50 to "keep you posted" on their issue

But you eventually get your much needed drink

You go home for the weekend, and on Sunday night you realize you have to do it all over again

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