16 Genius Ways To Keep Your Feet Toasty, According to Lumberjacks

    And ice climbers, mountain guides, and winter campers.

    1. Thicker doesn't necessarily mean warmer.

    2. Avoid cotton. Seriously.

    3. Always go for merino wool.

    4. Why? Because wool both repels and absorbs water, which means that it's a magical material.

    5. Get toe warmers.

    6. If your feet are always cold, try liner socks.

    7. Use winter footbeds to keep cold from creeping in through the soles of your shoes.

    8. For a winter boot, wear thinner socks. For a sneaker, go for something heavyweight.

    9. Try Darn Tough socks if you're a winter runner.

    10. If you're wearing dressier shoes in cold weather, try thin hiking socks.

    "I would recommend the REI Merino Wool Hiking Socks," Mackey says. "They carry all the benefits of wool socks (warmth, moisture management, and cushion), but aren't too bulky so they fit with almost any shoes."

    11. Try a pair of supportive Ibex socks.

    "All of our mountain guides wear Ibex because they're really warm and they're made in America," Julian says.

    12. For wet weather, go waterproof.

    13. To dry soaked socks, pin then to your backpack or put them under a hand dryer.

    14. Don't drink caffeine!

    15. For a tall, well-insulated sock, go for Smart Wool.

    16. And always carry an extra pair of socks with you (because your feet sweat even when you're cold).