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    This Woman's Insanely Magical Instagram Will Make You Smile Every Damn Day

    Get ready for your new girl crush.

    Are you a sparkly, magical, ray of light, fashion-killer, superstar unicorn?

    Then you're about to encounter your new queen.

    Meet 32-year-old crafter and designer Amina Mucciolo.

    Mucciolo owns the whimsical L.A.-based shop, Studio Mucci.

    Studio Mucci–which specializes in tassel garlands, handmade piñatas, and more—officially started in 2011.

    And she's the closest thing you'll get to an IRL unicorn princess.

    Studio Mucci / Via

    To start, her style is TO DIE FOR.

    Studio Mucci / Via

    "I like fashion that has a sense of humor," Mucciolo tells BuzzFeed Life. "Kids fashion is so much better than the stuff they make for adults." Her fave brands include Lazy Oaf and Dear Creatures.

    And her hair is positively ~magical~.

    Studio Mucci / Via

    "I do it myself," Mucciolo says of her long yarn braids. "I've done everything to my hair: shaved it, put in weaves, and dyed it every color." For her yarn braid tutorial, go here.


    "Kacey Welch in L.A. is the only person I'll trust to color my hair," she says.

    Did I mention that she's a baller boss lady?

    Studio Mucci / Via

    "When my husband and I moved to Oklahoma in 2011, we were broke," she says. "So I started making tons of things out of paper." A few months later, she opened an Etsy store. And a few weeks after opening, a couple asked her to design their wedding. Then, Studio Mucci was born.

    And her evolution of self-love is inspiring AF.

    "Right before I started Studio Mucci, I was in live-in intensive treatment for an eating disorder," Mucciolo says. And crafting was extremely cathartic. "I don't know what I would've done if I couldn't make jewelry in my therapy sessions."

    "I had struggled with my self-esteem for so long that I was scared to be photographed for the shop."

    Studio Mucci / Via

    "But then people started complimenting me about my confidence," she says. "And I was like: Wow, I have to tell people my story because I've come a long way."

    She's basically the fairy godmother of your dreams.

    Studio Mucci / Via

    "I've always had this connection to color that was bigger than anything I could describe," she says.

    "I really just want to inspire people to accept themselves as they are and celebrate life."

    "Some people think they will feel better about themselves if they get more money or lose 10 pounds," she says. "But you should learn to love yourself right now."

    Girl crush for dayyyyyysssss.