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You Can Now Rent Tiny Houses Hidden In The Woods For An Outdoorsy Dream Come True

You'll find out the house's exact location 24 hours before you arrive.

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Then welcome to getaway, a company that builds tiny houses, places them on rural land, and rents them to city folk.

Jon Staff, a 28-year-old Harvard Business School grad and start-up fanatic, launched the company in July of 2015.

"Growing up, I lived upon a boat on Lake Superior. Then, in college, I lived in the basement of a yogurt shop that a friend and I had opened. After graduating, I was in a 26' Airstream trailer," Staff told BuzzFeed. "I connected with the idea of living in small spaces."

How it works: Book a tiny house for a woodsy retreat and, as your date gets closer, the company will send you driving directions.

"Since we're all about disconnecting and recharging, we try to actively prevent the Type A people among us from going online, looking up the nearest town, and planning things," he said. "The woods are the destination here."

All cabins are located within a two-hour drive of certain major cities, so you know the trip will never be *too* far.

Right now, the only houses offered are three outside of Boston. But Staff said that they plan to announce between 12 and 15 new tiny houses in June. Potential locations include rural areas outside of New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles.


And each cabin comes complete with non-perishable food.

"We want people to get to the house and just be able to relax in the woods without having to run to a grocery store," Staff said. A few examples of food on-site: pasta, pasta sauce, beef jerky, s'mores, baked beans, and quinoa.

"The houses have a modern feel with a few whimsical elements," Staff said.

Each tiny house has a queen bed, a stove, a toilet, and shower, and classic books and board games. Also, the homes are eco-friendly, using solar panels for electricity plus low-flow water and composting toilets.

The houses are moved around to different plots of land to keep things feeling fresh.

"We move the houses around to various areas depending on the foliage and to ensure that people get a different experience every time they visit," Staff said.