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15 F*cking Brilliant Hiking Hacks You Need To Try ASAP

Upgrade your outdoors skills.

1. Even if you're going on a short hike, bring the essentials.

2. Line your backpack with a garbage bag for extra rain protection.

3. Look into getting a hoodie that takes pockets seriously and forget bringing a backpack.

4. If you're prone to blisters in your hiking boots, coat those areas with petroleum jelly before putting on your socks and boots.

5. Or get toe-sock liners to prevent blisters.

6. Keep your phone in a plastic bag inside your backpack just in case.

7. Even if you're going for a short hike, BRING DUCT TAPE.

8. And instead of bringing the whole roll, buy slim hiker-friendly packs.

9. Or wrap a few feet of tape around a lighter.

10. Use the Tick Key to quickly remove any ticks you might pick up in the woods.

11. And either wear tall socks or tuck your pants into your hiking boots when you can.

12. Pack bandaids, antiseptic towlettes, a gauze roll, and a few aspirin in a prescription bottle.

13. Bring binder clips so you can hang wet clothes off of your backpack.

14. Empty your snacks into sealable baggies—cuz you know that your pre-packaged snacks are filled with air.

15. And finally, get familiar with these poisonous plants so you don't get screwed.