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15 Crucial Holiday Storage Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Tis the season to de-clutter.

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2. If you want to get those artificial wreaths out of the way, put them in drawstring garbage bags and hang them in the garage.

4. Store fragile ornaments in plastic cups to keep them from getting crushed.

You know those eggshell-thin glass ornaments you love? Well, RIP once you toss them into a big old box of sharp things. Plastic cups help keep them safe and organized.


7. Grind up leftover candy canes to make a baller AF peppermint powder.

Put candy canes in your blender or coffee grinder and use the powder on EVERYTHING. Roll sugar cookies in it before popping in the oven for holiday deliciousness year-round. You can also add some powder to your ice cream for a refreshing taste.

11. Or DIY a hooked-up wrapping and storage station with a 5-gallon bucket and a Husky Bucket Jockey.

You can pick up a bucket jockey for $8 at Home Depot and store tape, scissors, and other smaller wrapping staples all in one place. Get more details here.

13. You can also use a slotted tupperware bin to store leftover ribbon.

Use 2 small wooden dowels as rods that suspend the length of the container. Slide ribbon packaging onto the dowels and pull the ribbons through the bin slots. The holidays (and any gift-giving season) just got a lot easier. Get more info here.


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