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    This Is How To Actually Sleep On A Plane

    So that you're not a curmudgeon at Christmas. Thanks to this Quora thread.

    1. Get a window seat.

    2. Buckle your seat belt on top of your blanket to keep the cabin crew from waking you up.

    3. Don't even try to nap during takeoff.

    4. Try this vertical bed hack.

    5. Shoot for a 90-minute nap.

    6. Make a playlist that lasts 90 minutes to wake you up at just the right moment.

    7. Try booking your flight on JetBlue.

    8. If the drink cart wakes you up, ask for a coffee and then go back to sleep.

    9. Download white noise to your phone.

    10. Wear thick, warm socks.

    11. Sit on the left side of the plane.

    Good luck up there!