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This Couple Just Had The Classiest Star Wars Wedding Ever

Planet Hoth creature cake toppers included.

Meet Jennifer and Joshua.

Jennifer is a hardcore Star Wars fanatic.

So the couple had Stormtroopers escort them to their wedding.

The bride wore this Stormtrooper-inspired belt to the reception.

The flower girls wore Princess Leia-inspired belts.

Baller. Totally baller.

The couple had Star Wars books set out for friends and family to sign.

Because now you have another excuse to have multiple copies at home.

The seating cards listed tables with names like Droid and Rebel.

And the tables themselves did not disappoint.

"Your meal will be comped."

The bride's and groom's chairs were on point.

And their cake had Wampa and Tauntaun toppers.

Jennifer's dad even dressed up as Darth Vader for their dance.

And the newlyweds lorded over the dance floor with light sabers in hand.

Check out this awesome video of their special day! / Via