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17 Shocking Things Everyone Should Know About Adoption

You must have a certain BMI to adopt from Korea. What the what?!

1. It takes about 3 years and costs around $30,000 to adopt a child internationally.

2. During an international adoption, the first thing that happens is you get matched with your child.

3. Your house has to be fully baby-proofed before the ball gets rolling.

4. The rate of adopted children has been dropping ever since 2004.

5. In domestic adoption, you may pay less to adopt a black child than you would to adopt a white child.

6. After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, adoptive children were rushed to their prospective families.

7. Gay couples can't adopt in Utah or Mississippi.

8. You have to have a BMI under 35 to adopt from Korea.

9. Russia stopped adopting children to the U.S. two years ago.

10. Korean birth mothers must wait seven days before considering adoption.

11. Single parents can't adopt from Thailand or Mongolia.

12. LGBT couples can't adopt from Kenya.

13. There are a lot of feelings on whether white parents should adopt black children.

14. Families are currently unable to take their adoptive children home from the Congo.

15. Some birth mothers seek out adoptive parents on their own.

16. Caretakers are outnumbered at most international orphanages.

17. Some countries see adoption as an industry.

We need to fight for our children!