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17 Situations All Super Approachable People Understand

Strangers LOVE you.

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1. Everyone says "hi" to you.

Yes, that means creepy dudes, too.

2. Strangers always smile your way.

And it's your God-given reflex to smile back.

3. Public transportation always turns into a therapy session with a random.

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Umm...step into my office?

4. You've attempted a resting bitchface, but it just makes you look constipated.

Because you actually have resting niceface.

5. People ask you for directions. All. The. Time.

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6. You're always accused of flirting even though you're just trying to be nice.


Oh—hey there—I'm smiling—no, not happy to see you—just feeling uncomfortable.

7. People are shocked when you get serious.

That's right. This lady has opinions.

8. You get more hugs, whether you like it or not.


Take your embrace far away from my body.

9. You've definitely heard, "I can't imagine you getting angry."

Eye. Twitch.

10. You're the first of your friends to get hit on at the bar.

If you had a jar of Nutella for every "You're just so easy to talk to..."

11. Your friends always run to you to vent their feelings.

Such a good listener.

12. You get a lot of unwanted advice.

Can you turn the mansplaining off now, please? Thanks.

13. No one can tell when you're actually upset.

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I'm totally fine.

14. You get called "cute" more than you'd like.

I'm not a furry animal.

15. People think you're younger than you actually are.

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That's because your soul hasn't been crusted over by the world.

16. People are shocked when you curse.

"But you seem so sweet..."

17. Your friends consider you the moral compass of the group.

Since when did I steer this noble ship?

What can we say? You're just hard not to love.

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Just let me adore you!

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