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    17 Creative And Beautiful Leg Tattoos That'll Inspire You

    If you like it then you better put a ~tat~ on it.

    1. A delicate jellyfish just 'cuz.

    2. A perfectly plumed peacock.

    3. A beautiful, dainty branch.

    4. A minimalist deer silhouette on your inner ankle.

    5. An adorable Totoro tribute.

    6. A big ol' bunch of ink blooms.

    7. A modern nature scene that upgrades your calves.

    8. A peace sign with a little watercolor *magic*.

    9. A pair of pretty hearts.

    10. A delicate nature scene.

    11. A half-geometric, half-watercolor fox.

    12. An unfinished yet vibrant phoenix.

    13. A bold little lighthouse coverup.

    14. A striking hip bouquet.

    15. A beautiful way to show your obsession with cats.

    16. A perfect way to show love for your fave Pokémon.

    Go forth and get INKED.