This Translation T-Shirt Is Every Traveler's Dream Come True

    Talk travel to me.

    Have you ever made an *ass* of yourself trying to communicate in a foreign country?

    Or maybe your lexicon is ~limited~ so there's a ton of important stuff you don't know how to say?

    Enter the Iconspeak tee ($33), a shirt that features important icons so that you can communicate non-verbally with THE WORLD.

    How it works: Point to one or a series of the 40 key icons to depict your message.

    "Many times we were confronted with a language barrier that was only to be overcome by drawing symbols on a piece of paper," George said.

    So, in 2015, they made their first prototypes for the communicative icon shirt.

    "If an icon or a combination of icons requires verbal explanation, we considered it a failed feature," George told BuzzFeed.

    "Often times our products are conversation-starters and help improve people's experiences while they travel the world," George said.

    Go ~explore~.