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21 Easy Makeup Tips For When It's Hot As Balls Outside

A little sweat ain't never hurt nobody—unless they were wearing foundation.

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6. To make your eyes look bigger without layering on eyeshadow, apply a nude eye pencil to your bottom waterline.

In case you're all like "WTF is a waterline?", it's the inner rim of your eyelid. To get the look in this video, try Benefit's Eye Bright ($20).


9. Blot your face with an oil absorbing sheet after using a BB cream.

BB creams tend to leave the skin looking a little shiny. To get rid of shine without applying powder (in case you're trying to keep your skin super light), gently blot the skin with a sheet. Get them from Amazon for $5.


12. Or forgo lipstick altogether and enhance your lips by applying a balm and dabbing a little highlighter at the center of your top lip.

It’s also called the “Cupid’s bow,” and you’ll need a pinhead-sized amount of concealer for this part. This will create a goddess-like glow that emanates from the center of your lips.

13. If you want eyeliner that stays put, use a 24-hour waterproof GEL eyeliner.

It won't smudge as easily as a pencil and you don't have to worry about the raccoon eyes you might get with using eyeshadow. Try the 24-hour Sephora brand liner for $5.