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    14 Piercing Charts You Wish You Knew About Sooner

    *Holier* than thou.

    1. If you're thinking of a facial piercing, consider your options.

    Are you thinking of a simple eyebrow piercing? Or maybe something in the lip department?

    2. Note how ~painful~ your piercing might be.

    Don't love pain? Avoid the nipple or the septum. But also remember that everyone's body responds to pain differently.

    3. Considering an ear piercing? Figure out the perfect spot.

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    See what each of these piercings would look like by watching a video here.

    4. Understand gauge sizes to stretch your ears safely.

    Ear piercings done with a piercing gun are usually 18g or 20g while basic ear piercings from a salon are usually 14g. To get more info, go here.

    5. Getting your nose pierced? Check out this helpful chart that explains various techniques:

    Nostril and ~high~ nostril can look very different.

    6. And pick the *perfect* ring.

    Are you a nose hoop or nostril screw kind of person?

    7. Stuck on what size stud you want? Get a sense of what they would look like.

    1.5 mm is roughly the size of a grain of course sea salt.

    8. Thinking of a lip piercing? Narrow. It. Down. / Via

    Want angel bites? You could also add just one more piercing to get triangle bites.

    9. If you're considering an oral piercing, pick your poison.

    Smiley versus frowny.

    10. Know how long it will take for your piercing to heal. / Via

    Navel and ear piercings usually take the longest to heal (but it totally depends on your body).

    11. If you're getting your belly button pierced, know which piercing material works best with your body.

    Some people have allergies to certain kinds of metal, in which case surgical steel and titanium are your best bet. Also, if you're planning on getting pregnant, consider a PTFE or adjustable ring.

    12. Know the anatomy of your jewelry so you can ask for exactly what you want.

    This chart refers specifically to belly button rings, but many of the terms (like ball top and gauge) mean the same thing across various pieces of body jewelry.

    13. Learn how to measure your jewelry to make online shopping so much easier.

    How do you know what size labret stud you need if you don't know your measurements? Print this helpful chart here and get measuring.

    14. And lastly, avoid that annoying bump that can sometimes pop up around a new piercing.

    The infamous piercing bump is caused by dirt or make-up entering the pierced area. Get more information here.

    Good luck with your r*e*s*e*a*r*c*h.