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    17 Adorable Sweatshirts For People Who Are Always Freezing

    Things are warming up in here.

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    1. This cute pink sweatshirt that knows you by your nickname ($41).

    2. This shell hoodie for all the mermaids out there ($35).

    3. This pretty floral embroidered sweatshirt ($38).

    4. This cropped "squad" zip-up ($17.90).

    5. This adorable, lightweight R2-D2 pullover ($24.90).

    6. This dimensional faux-pearl number that you can totally dress up or down ($29.90).

    7. This sweatshirt that says it for you ($48.95).

    8. This one that'll make you hungry ($28).

    This hoodie that's an all-in-one explainer of your personality ($35.20).

    9. This comfy sweatshirt that is def not messing ($47.60).

    10. This adorable blush sweatshirt that can go with EVERYTHING ($35.99).

    11. This cozy thing that knows your priorities ($39).

    12. And this one that says everything for you ($33.48).

    13. This ~classy~ way to show your Disney love ($21.45).

    14. This mesh-insert hoodie for when you get hot AND cold ($27.45).

    15. This sweatshirt for when you're PMSing ($59.20).

    16. This little thing that looks adorbs with jeans ($48).

    17. And this sweatshirt that is literally *you* in fleece form ($35).

    Stay cozy, San Diego.