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    11 Things To Do Before You Start Dating Online

    Your mom will be happy we told you.

    Because do you really know what kind of person your OKCupid match is?

    We didn't think so.

    Here's how to take your online dating safety skills up a notch.

    1. Ask a basic question more than once.

    To gauge their honesty, "ask them a question, and then later ask them the same question in a different way," Garth Bruen, security fellow of the Digital Citizens Alliance, a Washington, D.C.-based coalition that promotes Internet safety, told U. S. News. One example: Asking where the person went to high school.

    2. One-stop-shop in their SOUL.

    Hop on Refresh and see all their latest social media interactions: Where they've checked in, what groups they've joined, if they've changed their LinkedIn job from "accountant" to "body-ripper," etc.

    3. Get an instant background check.

    ABC; Glee / Via

    After using DateCheck, you can say—with confidence—that your match has probably never killed anyone. The app runs a full background check on the person that you are potentially going on a date with–marital status, age, education, and even criminal history.

    4. Make an email address just for dating.

    Besides helping you stay organized (we know you're going to be busy with all the dates, obvi), you can pick an email address that isn't your full name and have more control over your privacy.

    5. And set up a Skype account just for hook-ups, too!

    It's a bitch to change your phone number. What's not as much of a bitch: Deleting a Skype account. Make one just for online dating and give them your number once you're down to meet.

    6. Get turnt up caller I.D.

    Indiana Jones / Via

    CallerSmart is an app that would make your mother proud. How it works: Type in an unknown number and it will generate the caller's full name and crowd-sourced info about that person. Sometimes it might even link to their Facebook page. In short: Stalking 2.0

    7. Do a reverse image search.

    Just to make sure that the pictures they posted are actual photos of them.

    8. Break it off with zero confrontation.

    New Girl / Via

    If you're not into it because they gave you the creeps, break it off ASAP without facing them. Use Slydial when you call to get sent straight to their voicemail.

    9. Ask for a "recent" photo.

    We stress the word "recent" because some people will try to get away with sending pictures of them from 20 years ago. If you say "recent" and they still send you an old one, you can confront them as the lying ass they are upon meeting.

    10. Read their face. Like really.

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    You just left your first date and something feels amiss. Get a little more info on your own terms. Drag their profile picture into Nametag, which uses facial recognition software to uncover any pictures that feature your face on the Internet.

    11. Let friends keep tabs on you with Tag.

    "Tag is unique because it lets you tell specific people your location without broadcasting to your entire social network, and without being tracked," Tag founder Aneel Ranadive told Forbes. Before you show up for your date, open the app, check-in, and select one or two friends you want to share your location with.

    Good luck out there, daters!

    And God speed.