This Is Why Women Should Start Shaving Their Faces

    Because waxing hurts and laser hair removal costs $$$.

    FACT: It's totally normal for a woman to shave her face if she wants to get rid of facial hair.

    Hair does not grow back thicker after you shave.

    Shaving is a great way to exfoliate your face.

    Shaving cream makes a big difference.

    Or try dermaplaning.

    Waxing irritates your skin way more than shaving does.

    Reconsider shaving your face if you take acne medication.

    First shave downward a few times, then try upward.

    Shave your face while you're in the shower.

    Certain hair-removal creams, like Vaniqa, may irritate your skin.

    Use your tongue to help shave tricky areas around your mouth.

    If you want to get rid of baby hairs, lasers won't do it.