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23 Ways To Throw The Best Star Wars Birthday Party Ever

Whether you're turning 13 or 30.

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9. Use a piece of plywood, some black paint, and star stickers for a photo backdrop.

If you're having your party at a park, opt for a long strip of black felt with hot-glued felt stars. Get the free Star Wars photo overlay here.


15. Or, if you're looking for a no-contact game, have kids try to toss beanbags into each other's hula hoop "force fields."

How it works: Each person stands inside a hula hoop and they have to toss beanbags into the other persons hoop while defending their own. The person who gets the most beanbags to land in their opponent's hoop wins.


23. Or just make a big, beautiful garbage compactor and call it a day.

Use chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate cookie icing, chocolate graham crackers, broken pieces of candy, and Star Wars figures. Get the recipe here.

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