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    19 Stunning Stacked Wedding Ring Sets You'll Say Yes To

    Stacks on stacks on stacks.


    Trendy stacked wedding sets are like sparkly jigsaw puzzles: Two or three thin bands fit together to create one, cohesive shape. Usually, one ring serves as the engagement ring while the others are varying wedding bands. You can also mix and match the rings over the years (maybe you just want to wear one for a little while?) to keep it feeling fresh. And just because you're getting a little more bling doesn't mean you're spending more bucks.

    Here are some beautiful stacked wedding rings...

    1. This delicate pearl and mini diamond stacking set β€” $719.10


    Get it here.

    2. This stunning lacy diamond and opal trio β€” $1,554

    Katie Diamond / Via Instagram: @katiediamondstore

    Get the open two-diamond ring (top) here, the opal and diamond ring (middle) here, and the lacy band (bottom) here.

    3. These natural gray diamonds in rose-gold settings β€” $1,995

    4. This unforgettable triple stack of gold beauty β€” $2,665

    @nataliemariejewellry / Via

    Get the curved lacy band (top) here, the triangle diamond ring (center) here, and the infinity band (bottom) here.

    5. This curvy opal and diamond stacked situation β€” $690


    Get it here.

    6. This black diamond geometric set β€” $1,120


    Get it here.

    7. This delicate champagne diamond duo β€” $1,900

    8. This pear-shaped, diamond-studded silver stack β€” $1,250

    Silly Shiny Diamonds
    Silly Shiny Diamonds

    Get it here.

    9. This marquise diamond petal stacking set β€” $1,870


    Get it here.

    10. These natural-colored diamond rings β€” $600

    Sweet Olive Jewelry

    Get them here.

    11. This black-and-white curved stacking set β€” $1,920

    Khim Jewelry

    Get it here.

    12. This delicate diamond-encrusted four-band stack β€” $1,600

    Bona Drag

    Get it here.

    13. This whimsical cluster of rose-cut sapphires and opals β€” $1,575

    Catbird / Via

    Get the opal ring here and the sapphire ring here.

    14. This beautiful black pearl and diamond set β€” $1,100


    Get it here.

    15. This unique Deco-inspired combo with antique details β€” $1,370

    Katie Diamond / Via Instagram: @

    Get the diamond ring here and the lacy band here.

    16. This modern opal and diamond stacking set β€” $1,239


    Get it here.

    17. This asymmetrical duo of mini round and rose-cut natural diamonds β€” $1,695

    18. This two-tone band set that features diamonds *and* rubies β€” $2,000

    19. This brilliant champagne-and-rainbow combo β€” $2,080

    Catbird / Via

    Get the champagne ring here and the ombre rainbow band here.

    Now get out there and *shine*.