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    13 Shimmery, Sparkly, Magical Lipsticks That Are Out Of This World

    From holographic to straight-up sparkle and beyond...

    Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed

    1. Lime Crime's Diamond Crushers Iridescent Lip Topper in Lit for ultra-glam shine and shimmer.,

    This water-based, high-sparkle gloss comes in six shades and can be worn alone or layered on top of your favorite lipstick. The formula goes on matte and dries to a smudge-proof finish. Bonus: All Lime Crime products are vegan and cruelty- free.

    Get it for $18.

    2. Tattoo Junkee's Chroma Lip Effects in Grunge for a ~galaxy~ look.

    Tattoo Junkee,

    This matte gray liquid lipstick comes with a small container of iridescent cosmetic glitter for a dazzling shimmer that's BEYOND. To apply glitter like a *pro*, press onto lips with a flat brush. Press lips together to tamp the glitter into place. Then stick a finger in your mouth, purse your lips, and slowly pull your finger out to prevent having a glittery AF smile. To finish, use an angled brush with concealer to clean the edges.

    Buy it for $6.99.

    3. Tattoo Junkee's Chroma Lip Effects in Skinny Dip for a sparkly take on a neutral.

    Tattoo Junkee,

    This is a pretty promising review: "It is BEAUTIFUL!!! I put on the liquid lipstick a half lip at a time, then pressed the glitter on with my finger. The glitter stuck on nicely and was very kiss proof once on! Highly recommend." —Lori

    Get it for $6.99.

    4. Molly Cosmetics' Lipstick in Quartz that's got some serious shine.,

    They offer a range of glitter metallic liquid lipsticks.

    Get it for $19.

    5. LA Splash's StudioShine Lip Lustre in Catrina that looks damn magical.

    LA Splash,

    This lip color has some serious fans: "This lip color is gorgeous, just as it appears in the photo: A chocolate-based duo-chrome with blue reflects, has a bit of a greenish look to it in some lighting. I've received many compliments when I've worn it out. My favorite part of this is that once it's on, it's staying on. I usually remove my makeup with oil but I had to break out the actual makeup remover to get this lip color off." —Amanda Rall

    Get it for $14.

    6. This Ka'oir GlitzStick in Golden Goddess that'll blow you away with its incredible *sparkle*.,

    All of the shades are so sparkly and TO DIE FOR. Since the set comes with a separate powder pot, you can choose to wear the lipstick by itself or with sparkle. This product is great for day-to-night looks.

    Get it for $27.99.

    7. Too Faced's holographic and totally whimsical La Crème Color Drenched Lip Cream in Unicorn Tears.


    This shape-shifting lipstick evolves throughout the day. "My favorite thing about Unicorn tears!? IT CHANGES COLORS ALL DAY! It starts off a sky blue then turns to a lighter blue then to a rose pink then to a shimmer." —Nicole

    Buy it from Ulta for $22.

    8. Jouer's Long-Wear Lip Topper in Skinny Dip for a glitzy top coat.


    Wear it solo for mega-shine or layer it on top of your fave color for a dazzling look. The formula uses coconut oil to ensure that lips feel super hydrated.

    Get it for $16.

    9. MAC X Mariah Carey's Lipglass in Little Miss Monroe for a golden goddess look.


    As one of five limited edition colors, Little Miss Monroe has glitter + a high-gloss sheen. The formula contains of blend of babassu, coconut, apricot, and jojoba oils to condition your lips as you STUN WITH SPARKLE.

    Get it for $18.50.

    10. The entire Vice Lipstick Vintage Capsule Collection for overall show-stopping shimmer.,

    "These lipsticks are fantastic for anyone looking to add some boldness to their look. I bought the shades Smog, Pallor, UVB, Asphyxia, and Bruise, and the colors apply beautifully. The undertones and sparkle in these are also stunning." —Tracee

    Get it here for $11.

    11. MAC's Lipglass in Itsy, Bitsy for crazy high-gloss shine like you would not believe.,

    Want shimmer AND shine? You got it. Lipglass uses pigment and shine to get an impactful look. Apply one coat for a wet-looking glimmer or double up for a super glossy look. The formula contains jojoba oil to keep your pout looking damn perfect all day long.

    Get it for $10.

    12. Stargazer's Glitter Lipstick in Glitter Gold for straight-up glitter realness.

    Want to try glitter lips without the mess of dry glitter? Meet Glitter Lipstick, a transparent lipstick infused with your fave sparkly stuff. One review claims: "It's mostly just gold glitter, but it's so pretty!" —Ann

    Get it for $4.27.

    13. Stila's Glitterati Lip Top Coat in Transcend to make any matte lipstick shimmery AF.,

    Want to make your matte lipsticks more versatile? Stila's mega-sparkle top coat is designed to wear over matte liquid lipstick. The formula contains ultra-fine pearls in a clear water base, so it coats lips with a sparkle finish. "Just got Transcend today and I am absolutely obsessed! It puts a nice silver-toned layer of fine glitter over any matte liquid lipstick. It dries down completely so it doesn't transfer and it did not dry out my lips at all!" —tayloroligee

    Get it for $22.

    GLAM. IT. UP.