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    This Blender Lemonade Hack Will Change The Rest Of Your Summer

    And you only need one lemon for a whole batch.

    Meet the drink that will ruin you for all other summertime beverages: blender lemonade. / Via

    It's gloriously frothy, ready in minutes, and best of all? It only takes ONE lemon to make a full glass.

    To make it, you need 1 lemon, 2 cups of water, some ice cubes, and a few tablespoons of sugar. / Via

    And why in the Lord's heavenly name would you manually ~stir~ the concoction rather than nonmanually ~blend~ it.

    Scrub the lemon and cut it into quarters. / Via

    Be sure to remove the seeds and the pith (that thick white piece in the middle).

    Toss the lemon, water, ice, and sugar in the blender and you're done!


    For the full recipe, go here.