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21 Super-Easy Ways To Make Your Shoes Look More Expensive

Step it up.

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2. If you lack any design skills, make a super-cute design with iron-on printer paper.

This seriously requires no skill. Just print out your design onto iron-on paper, cut out your pattern, and iron it onto canvas shoes. Get the how-to here.

4. For an easy way to add a cute pattern, use a permanent marker.

Permanent marker soaks into the fabric of canvas sneakers, which makes for a flawless design. Try a repeating pattern like triangles or diamonds. Get the tutorial here.

6. You can also use fabric paint to easily fill in one part of the sneaker while reserving the paint pen to make the pattern.

Make sure to tape off the sole before you get started for a super-neat finished product. Get the tutorial here.


7. And all you need is a paint pen to turn a pair of Keds into saddle shoes.

This is also a great hack for a last-minute ’50s-style Halloween costume. Pair them with a poodle skirt and you're ready to go. Get the tutorial here.

8. And don't be afraid to go for a ~bold~ pattern.

Use a pencil and ruler to trace out stripes on a canvas shoe. Then sketch out your floral accents. Fill in the shapes with a fabric-paint pen and let dry. Get the tutorial here.

9. Stick big gemstones onto sneakers with embellishing glue.

Since gemstone packages can have stones of varying sizes, lay them out on your shoes to get an idea of where you want them before you start gluing. Get the how-to here.


12. And to get the perfect galaxy ~constellation~, press toothbrush bristles onto the shoe.

It's a big time-saver and you can get a bunch of those little white stars onto the shoe all at once. Get the tutorial here.

14. Or add a little faux leather fringe to freshen up an older pair.

For leather sneakers, opt for artificial leather fabric since it's more waterproof than real leather. Measure and cut out the fringe and then tuck it into the tongue of your sneaker. Get the full tutorial here.

15. Apply black lace to a pair of slip-ons for a cute upgrade.

Flexible fabric glue is what makes the lace stick without making the shoe stiff and uncomfortable to wear. This is also a great hack for a pair of super comfy but stained shoes that you just can't bring yourself to throw away. Get the how-to here.

16. Add a little sparkle to shoes with glitter and fabric glue.

Use a paintbrush to apply a thick layer of glue all over the canvas part of the sneaker before sprinkling on glitter. Get the tutorial here.



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