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17 Severely Relatable Moments For Anyone With Gift-Opening Anxiety

*turns bright red, runs away*

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8. And at first, your mouth decides to say some exclamatory word without your permission.

Sometimes it's "ah" or "oh" or "ooooooo" or sometimes it's just a sound like "awwwyoushouldntsmshhhhhda."

11. So you start talking about some of the present's cool ~features~ and you're totally not making sense now.

Lorne Michaels / Paramount Pictures

"What I love about this hat is that it's also a wool bowl."

12. And you insist on doing some kind of role-play with the item to show how perfect it is for you.

20th Century Fox

If it's a shirt, you put it on. If it's a razor, you start shaving your legs.



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