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    21 Times Michelle Obama Showed The World What Style Looks Like

    First Lady ~fashion killer~.

    1. When she showed up to the Whitney Museum Of American Art in NYC looking like a piece of art herself:

    2. When she kept it chic with this flowy navy dress:

    3. When she straight-up looked like a movie star in this emerald stunner:

    4. When she rocked this off-the-shoulder trumpet dress and we almost died:

    5. When she SLAYED in powder blue:

    6. When she showed Canada how it's done with this classy floor-length gown:

    7. When she shimmered in this glittery champagne piece:

    8. When she killed it with this patterned take on horizontal stripes:

    9. When she was back at it again with the white off-the-shoulder dress:

    10. When she showed off her clear color palette prowess with this melon, high-neck item:

    11. When she looked fierce in this quarter-sleeve patterned classic:

    12. When she was White House royalty in this strapless blue-and-black tiered dress:

    13. When she gave high-fives in this dimensional floral dress wearing her brilliant smile:

    14. When she radiated in this olive number:

    15. When she hopped on a bike in this blue and brown lattice patterned dress for International Women's Day:

    16. When she was an optical illusion in this flowy-sleeved number:

    17. When she looked all-American and positively perfect for the Fourth of July:

    18. When she showed up in Milan already winning in this shirt/skirt combo:

    19. When she looked like a stunning bouquet and people couldn't get enough:

    20. When she killed it in a chic, simple floral long-sleeve:

    21. And when she was a TOTAL QUEEN in this purple gown:

    Keep ~slaying~, Michelle.