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    The House From "Silence Of The Lambs" Is For Sale And It's Creepy As Hell

    Lotion and basket sold separately.

    Welcome to 8 Circle Street...

    Where Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs will surely invite you inside...

    Orion Pictures

    Grope you in the dark...

    Orion Pictures

    And skin you like a potato.

    Orion Pictures


    This 1910 Princess Anne home is for sale.

    That is, if you're looking for a place in Perry Township, Pennsylvania.

    And it can be yours for $300,000.

    "What can $300,000 get you?" you ask. Well, it comes with doors you can use to shut out your nightmares.

    And built-in china furnishings to feel like you're in a safe grandmother's home.

    There's also a butler's pantry with a ton of cabinets you can hide in.

    And a bedroom with its own staircase that will block your only shot at escaping.

    If you get too scared, you can just bury yourself alive next to the caboose pool house.

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    Would you buy Buffalo Bill's house?
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      I don't have a death wish.
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      Serial killers are kind of my thing.

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