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    16 Genius Shoe Storage Hacks If Your Closet Space Sucks

    Get your closet floor back.


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    1. If you need a super cute way to store your heels, try crown moulding.

    Jut sling your heels over the lip of the moulding to keep them in place. Then, sit back and admire your impressive collection. Get the tutorial here.

    2. For a DIY shoe drawer, put anti-scratch pads on the bottom of a large picture frame and stow it under a dresser.

    Make sure that the frame is flipped over so that the rim can help keep shoes in place. The felt pads (you can find them here for $9) will make it easy to slide the frame out from underneath wherever you store it. Learn more about this hack here.

    3. Hoping to get your closet floor back? Just use tension rods.

    Just stagger the rods for heels and keep them level for flats. You can find tension rods here ($4.27 each). Read more on 3 City Girls NYC.

    4. You can also use skirt hangers to organize boots while still maintaining their shape.

    For an extra hack, cut up a pool noodle and use the pieces as inserts to keep boot calves from getting dented. Read more shoe storage ideas here.

    5. For a quick way to get double the storage space, organize flip flops and sandals on their sides.

    Seriously. Try this trick right now and thank me later. Also, a cheap drawer system can help with this effort — find one here for under $20.

    6. Install coat hooks at foot-level to get shoes out of the way as soon as you walk through the door.

    Handyman Magazine / Via Facebook: HandymanMagazine

    This is a great trick for a family. Have each person keep their favorite/most used pair of shoes on a hook to prevent shoe clutter near the front door.

    7. Turn magazine holders into shoe storage *life-savers*.

    These Ikea Spontan magazine holders cost $10 each — not too bad when it comes to making a personalized shoe storage station. Get the tutorial from Ikea Hackers.

    8. Use an Ikea Lack TV stand ($49.99) to house your precious shoe collection.

    Give your beloved sneakers the home they deserve. Get the tutorial from Ikea Hackers here.

    9. For a quick and dirty shoe station, install two super thin wall shelves.

    Just place the toe of your shoe in between the shelves to keep them lined up. Learn more about it here.

    10. For a super cheap way to keep shoes upright and organized, use a wine box.

    The cardboard dividers help keep shoes in place. Keep the box in a closet or under the bed for easy access. Get more info from Three Years of Death.

    11. Got a super awkward and useless space? Turn it into creative storage with shelves.

    Lack wall shelves ($6.99 each) pose the perfect solution for a chevron-inspired storage solution that can be installed literally anywhere.

    12. Got a ton of flip flops and sandals? Use a letter organizer.

    Slot your flats into a letter organizer and watch how your shoes take up no room at all.

    13. To keep shoes out of the way but still visible, cut the tops off of plastic soda bottles.

    Plastic soda bottles are great for keeping shoes neat and together — plus, you can still see all of your pairs easily.

    14. If your shoes can't fit inside soda bottles, try paint cans.

    Nail paint cans to the garage wall near the entrance to the house. The next time you're running late and trying to find your shoes, you won't have to look too far. Get the tutorial from Crafty Nester.

    15. DIY this space-saving cardboard shoe rack.

    Super cheap. Super easy. Get the how-to at A Piece of Rainbow.

    16. Use wire hangers and a string for easy storage behind your closet door.

    Remove the cardboard piece from a cheap wire hanger. Then, cut off the corner of the hanger and bend the two ends inward. Sling your wire contraptions onto a string, add your shoes, and you're good to go. Get the tutorial at Hey Wanderer.

    You're one step closer to the shoe display of your ~dreams~.