16 Genius Shoe Storage Hacks If Your Closet Space Sucks

    Get your closet floor back.

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    1. If you need a super cute way to store your heels, try crown moulding.

    2. For a DIY shoe drawer, put anti-scratch pads on the bottom of a large picture frame and stow it under a dresser.

    3. Hoping to get your closet floor back? Just use tension rods.

    4. You can also use skirt hangers to organize boots while still maintaining their shape.

    5. For a quick way to get double the storage space, organize flip flops and sandals on their sides.

    6. Install coat hooks at foot-level to get shoes out of the way as soon as you walk through the door.

    7. Turn magazine holders into shoe storage *life-savers*.

    8. Use an Ikea Lack TV stand ($49.99) to house your precious shoe collection.

    9. For a quick and dirty shoe station, install two super thin wall shelves.

    10. For a super cheap way to keep shoes upright and organized, use a wine box.

    11. Got a super awkward and useless space? Turn it into creative storage with shelves.

    12. Got a ton of flip flops and sandals? Use a letter organizer.

    13. To keep shoes out of the way but still visible, cut the tops off of plastic soda bottles.

    14. If your shoes can't fit inside soda bottles, try paint cans.

    15. DIY this space-saving cardboard shoe rack.

    16. Use wire hangers and a string for easy storage behind your closet door.

    You're one step closer to the shoe display of your ~dreams~.