CoverGirl Is Making "Star Wars" Makeup And It's Classy AF

    May the force of waterproof mascara be with you.

    COVERGIRL is teaming up with Star Wars to create a futuristic makeup collection fit for she-3PO's everywhere.

    And people are PRETTY EXCITED about it.

    @entertainista @COVERGIRL WHAT?!?!! This is the best thing I've seen all day! #BeautyForce #TheForceAwakes

    Best news EVER! @COVERGIRL is partnering with #StarWars—2 of my favorite things. 🙏 Are you ready for the #beautyforce?

    OMG: @starwars x @COVERGIRL makeup collection WITH a "There Has Been An Awakening" mascara!!!

    The first look, which is inspired by the droid, uses a gold and bronze color palette.

    And the second, called Stormtrooper, is black, white, and edgy all over.

    The collection will include a line of shimmery lipsticks...

    With waterproof mascaras that feature quotes from the light side of the Force.

    And regular mascaras that speak for the dark side.

    There will also be a line of shimmery, high-gloss nail polishes.

    May the force be with you.