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    There's A Place Where You Can Ride Falkor From "The NeverEnding Story"

    Magic is real.

    Is Falkor your dream BFF?

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Well isn't he just damn magical.

    Then book a trip to the Bavaria Film Studios to see where all The NeverEnding Story movie props LIVE ON FOR ALL TIME.

    Bavaria Films / Via

    That's right. Visit the studio in Munich, Germany, and YOU CAN RIDE FALKOR IN FRONT OF A GREEN SCREEN WITH A FAN BLOWING AND THEN BUY A VIDEO OF THE EVENT. Plus, all of the other original props are there.

    You can also see Rock Biter.

    Bavaria Films / Via

    Her's much less intimidating in person than he is in the movie.

    And Morla.

    Bavaria Films

    Look at that wise ancient face.

    And the Sphinxes' Gate.

    David Luong / Via

    Let's hope you can solve their riddle.

    They even have the racing snail.

    Bavaria Films

    Look at that little saddle!

    Which they apparently keep outside??

    Bavaria Films / Via

    Oh, Bavaria.

    Make it happen, people.

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