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    16 Résumé And Cover Letter Tricks Your Employer Wishes You Knew

    Check all the boxes.

    1. Yes, your résumé should only be one page.

    2. Incorporate keywords that come up often in job postings...

    3. Write out the basics. And don't forget to add your skills.

    4. And include experience with uncommon software too.

    5. Save space in the education section.

    6. Include a hyperlink to your LinkedIn page or online portfolio.

    7. Don't be afraid to list unpaid or volunteer work.

    8. Put your most relevant experience first — especially if this is your first or one of your first jobs.

    9. Use active verbs throughout.

    10. Don't overthink your cover letter...

    11. But you should consider your industry.

    12. Get your format right.

    13. Don’t wax poetic about your goals and dreams.

    14. Keep it short — about two paragraphs total.

    15. Give your references a heads-up before they get a call.

    16. Avoid objectives — they're dated.

    Now get out there and job hunt!