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Someone Please Buy Me This Succulent Jewelry

Rock it and then plant it.

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Meet Susan McLeary, a 41-year-old florist and jewelry designer based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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McLeary got into floral work when a frazzled friend needed help with flowers for her wedding. "Once I started working with flowers, I knew I'd found my medium," she told BuzzFeed.

To combine her love of plants and fashion, McLeary started to make succulent jewelry.

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Her Etsy store PassionflowerMade features succulent-studded cuffs and rings, statement plant necklaces, and striking boutonnieres.

How it works: McLeary trims succulent roots and secures them to jewelry using plant-safe floral glue.

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The result: Stunning special occasion alternatives to traditional jewelry.


Once the succulents start to sprout, you can peel them off of the jewelry and plant them.

Amanda DuMouchelle

"I suggest lightly sanding the areas of the jewelry where the adhesive was to fully remove it," McLeary said. You'll be left with minimalist brass jewelry and a newfound garden.

"It's a great alternative to a corsage because the plants can find a place in your home," McLeary said.

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People can customize the jewelry depending on whether they'd like to stay within a certain shade of green or if they'd like pops of color. "Sometimes I'll add small purple succulents," she said.