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    This Dinosaur Tail Is The Accessory You Didn't Know You Needed

    Tyrannosaurus sex-y.

    Sometimes when you're just feeling your ~lewk~, you want to add a statement piece.

    Damn right, I want a classroom clock chained to my neck.

    Maybe you want to draw a little attention to your chest with a flattering neckline. / Via

    I think that's the deepest you can go, actually.

    Or perhaps you're experimenting with a necklace/collar that some might confuse for a pool chair.

    Um, how dare you sit on my necklace.

    Then please in the name of all that is holy: Will someone get me this DINOSAUR TAIL.


    People, this is not a drill. This dino tail is totes strapping some chic prehistoric realness onto your literal ass.

    For $37.52, you can channel your inner T.Rex with this badASSttachment.

    Wear it with heels, flats, boots — there are endless possibilities!

    And you don't need billionaire mogul John Hammond to get this baby to work...


    Because it clips on like the fanny pack of your phallic dino dreams.

    Buy it here and then come find me.

    Get thee to a runway.