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    14 Shopping Hacks To Buy Clothes Online That Actually Fit

    You'll never have to go to the post office again.

    1. Get your hands on some flexible measuring tape or a *string*.

    2. When measuring yourself, wear only your underwear and an *unpadded* bra.

    3. To know your bust size, measure under your pits and around the fullest part of your chest.

    4. To measure your waist and hips, make sure the tape is flat against your body but not too tight.

    5. Follow these guidelines for full-body measurements (including height):

    6. If you want to get SUPER accurate measurements, visit a tailor.

    7. Use a sizing app like Fitbay to determine if a store has sizes that run big, small, or fit just right.

    8. You can also plug your measurements into sites like Threadbase or Sizecharter to find out what size you would be in popular brands.

    9. Keep a note on your phone to catalog items and sizes from your fave online stores.

    10. If a store asks for your full hip measurement, hold something vertically from your stomach to your hips.

    11. If you're worried about getting the sizing right, opt to buy specific silhouettes while shopping online.

    12. The same rule applies to dresses.

    13. If you're petite, follow these tips to find clothes that will actually fit you when they come out of the box:

    14. For basics with looser silhouettes (like tees and sweatshirts), check the men's section online.

    Now start *shopping*.