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Posted on Dec 24, 2015

These Goldfish Tea Bags Are The Friends You Never Knew You Needed

Just keep ~swimming~.

For some people, tea isn't just a beverage—it's an art.

Orion Pictures

I'm talking loose leaf situations with hardcore steeping technology and a passion for oolong that runs deep.

Which is why these goldfish tea bags are likely to become any tea fanatic's new obsession:

Taiwanese company Charm Villa designed these magical tea bags that transform into convincing goldfish after sitting in hot water.

The bags don't look too assuming when you take them out of the box.

Just like a fish out of water.

But once they are dunked into boiling water, the fish's body swells for some real aquatic ~vibes~.

You can even use the thread attached to the fish's "mouth" to tug it around the cup like it's swimming.

But these magical cup critters don't come cheap.

Amazon /

The shop, which sells a box of 12 tea-filled bags for around $35 in Taiwan, is now selling through Amazon for $79.99 per box (get them here). There's also an eBay seller that is selling boxes for $25 each here.

All in all, they're pretty damn fancy.

Cup of tea + good book + little tea friend = pure joy

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