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    19 Midi Skirt Styles You Just Have To Try

    With sweatshirts. With denim. With everything.

    Jenny Chang // BuzzFeed

    Fashion bloggers told us how to rock the midi look on every body type. Get your inspiration here!

    1. Short girls look for below-the-knee length... / Via

    "I'm 5'2 and the perfect midi length for me is right below the knee," The Penny Closet fashion blogger Claudia Felix Garay told BuzzFeed Life.

    2. And try strappy heels...

    "It will elongate your legs," The Style Remedy fashion blogger Becca Arcebido told BuzzFeed Life.

    3. And love bilayer midi skirts!

    Arlene Ibarra / Via

    "A lace midi is the perfect addition for an understated yet elegant look," fashion blogger Vanessa Balli told BuzzFeed Life. "Tailor the liner underneath the skirt to show off your legs and appear taller." You can hem the liner to your desired length.

    4. For taller girls, mid-calf is where it's at.

    "Length is important because you don't want your skirt to be too long. I'm 5'7, so I like to keep my midi lengths between 27-29 inches, which hits me mid-calf" Grown and Curvy Woman style blogger Georgette told BuzzFeed Life. "No matter your height, anyone can wear a midi. Shorter women can always have theirs tailored to achieve the length they desire."

    5. For straighter shapes, try a baby doll dress on top.

    "Instead of searching for the perfect top, layer a shorter dress on top of a midi skirt," Sara Qaddoura, curator of e-commerce at London-based fashion startup Not Just A Label, told BuzzFeed Life. "A short peplum gives some serious edginess."

    6. Everyone! Just wear a sweatshirt!

    Sylvia Mitbrodt / Via

    "I love wearing a cropped sweatshirt with a midi skirt because it dresses down the look and still makes me feel put together," Laura Mitbrodt—style blogger of Laura Jane Atelier—told BuzzFeed Life.

    7. And—while you're at it—try a bright color... / Via

    "Brightly colored midi skirts are a statement piece in itself so even though you don't really put much effort into your outfits, it looks like you did," All Things Beautiful fashion blogger Afeeyah told BuzzFeed Life.

    8. Hell, wear tulle...

    Arlene Ibarra / Via

    "If you’ve ever dreamed of being a princess, then a tulle skirt is a must-have," Balli says. "There’s just something about tulle that makes you feel super girly and you’re guaranteed a fun night out."

    9. Plus rock pleats...

    Having a few pleats in a midi creates more movement in the skirt, according to Afeeyah. "And every time I wear a pleated midi skirt, I have to twirl around like I am in The Sound of Music."

    10. Maybe do a crop top...

    Jessica Chavez / Via

    "With a high-waisted midi covering up so much torso and leg, pair it with a form-fitting top that shows a little skin," Balli says.

    11. And sport short boots...

    Sylvia Mitbrodt / Via

    "Booties are great for the winter," says Mitbrodt. "And they look cute with or without tights."

    12. Or Converse... / Via

    "Pairing Converse sneakers with a midi skirt is truly a classic way to go," Neon Fox fashion blogger Alicia Nicholls told BuzzFeed Life. "Platforms and slip-on sneakers are also great options."

    13. Or perhaps even sandals...

    "Wearing strappy sandal can make your legs looks longer," says Qaddoura. Throw on an oversized button-up and you're out the door.

    14. Try a circle silhouette...

    15. And don't get out of your night shirt...

    16. Try denim...

    "This amazing denim midi skirt is from H&M," Arcebido says. "I love the fact that it has belt loops to emphasize my waist. When in doubt, pair denim with more denim!"

    17. Look badass in leather...

    18. Try jersey...

    19. And make your plain white tee look killer.

    Thesis statement: Wearing a midi skirt is an easy way to look très chic.


    Plus, you might not have to shave your legs.