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Mermaid Crowns Are The New Flower Crowns And I'm Not Mad At It

Channel your inner ~Ariel~.

If you've gone to a festival, visited a Free People store, or been on the internet in the past 5 years, you are aware of the flower crown.

But there's a new trend in town: MERMAID CROWNS.

But Shiels isn't the only human who seems to be swept up by the sea circlets.

Some mermaid crowns are fit for Ariel's wedding to Prince Eric...

While others have more of an ~Ursula~ vibe.

There are crowns that incorporate colors...

And there are some that go all-white.

And while some crowns feel a bit Bowser-inspired...

Still others are totally on-point for Princess Peach.

You can go for a more polished, gilded look...

Or opt to go *au naturel*.

To get your hands on your own, you can buy or DIY one.

Wear it to your badass mermaid wedding, for Halloween, on a Tinder date, or just the next time you want to spice things up at the grocery store.

*Boy, bye.*