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21 Reasons You Should Just Marry Your Work Spouse Already

They just get you.

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1. You didn’t like them at first, the same way every Great Love Story begins.

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But your unguarded heart knew that you would consciously couple in the end.

2. They distract your boss while you're obviously online shopping.

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And they save the day.

3. They know exactly how to react when the co-worker you hate gives a presentation.

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They got your back.

4. They will never bring up what you did during that really messy holiday party.

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Or maybe they will, but they'll be cute about it.

5. They've seen you cry.

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More than once.

6. Having them around feels like a job perk.

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And it makes quitting that much harder.

7. They are totally game to drink vodka out of a coffee cup at 4 p.m.

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And you never loved them more.

8. They lose their shit when you're out sick.

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And it makes you feel so loved.

9. They volunteer to help talk through your relationship issues.

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Even thought they've heard about them all day, errday.

10. You have a secret language that is comprised entirely of glances.

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This one means: "At dawn, we ride."

11. You've had disagreements in the past.

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But, like a good work couple, you've gotten through them together.

12. They know just how to make you feel better.

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Even on the worst day.

13. They make those awkward office events bearable.

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Because you always have fun no matter what.

14. They try to lighten the mood when you're giving a nerve-racking speech.

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They are in it to win it.

15. You get jealous when they eat lunch with anyone that's not you.

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And you dwell on it for the rest of the day.

16. They always remember your birthday...

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And they make sure that other people do, too.

17. They celebrate your victories.

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As if those successes were their own.

18. You like really love them...

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Not in a romantic way, but in a thank-god-I-found-you-because-you-brighten-up-my-day way.

19. They will be in your future wedding.

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You just know it.

20. They have slowly stapled, paperclipped, and Google-calendared their way into your life.

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And now you can't live without them for the foreseeable future.

21. They are one of the highlights of your day.

And you couldn't do a thing without them.

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