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15 Cheap And Super Creative Ways To Decorate Your Home With Maps

Get your apartment moving in the right direction.

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1. Layer maps on top of each other to make your own wallpaper.

This is a great way to put all of those travel mementos to good use. Use push pins to cover a wall with maps and add some serious style to any room. Learn more about it here.

2. Or use them to get a little more privacy—especially with glass doors.

Tape a few maps over the inside of a glass-paned door to add privacy while still keeping it cute. Read more about it here.


5. To upgrade a big, empty wall, divide a map into sections and frame each piece.

This is the perfect way to fill up a large wall without spending a lot of money. Use a ruler to measure out your panels on a large map and start cutting. Learn more about it here.

6. Or forgo frames and get a vintage-inspired pull-down map.

One step up from college-level posters, these pull-down maps look classy and cool without having to deal with frames. Get one here ($39).


8. Repurpose some old maps to make awesome letters for your bedroom.[rotation]/8/

You can either use old maps that you already have or print out some new ones. Get wooden letters here ($3.99 per letter). Learn how to make them here.

10. Turn a map into an adorable tray using only 4 other materials.

You can use a strong glue and a picture hanger to mount your tray on a wall for a vertical catch-all. Or just leave your tray on the dresser and use it as a jewelry dish. Get more info here.

11. You can also take 5 minutes and turn your map into a placemat.

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Seriously. Just apply clear contact paper to your map, cut off any awkward edges, and you're good to go. Learn more about it here.

12. Another tip: Spell out a saying in vinyl letters, add a coat of paint, and pull the letters off to reveal your prose.


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