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    15 Cheap And Super Creative Ways To Decorate Your Home With Maps

    Get your apartment moving in the right direction.

    1. Layer maps on top of each other to make your own wallpaper.

    2. Or use them to get a little more privacy—especially with glass doors.

    3. You can also use maps to make a wanderlust-lover's gallery wall.

    4. Put a map behind your bed for a DIY headboard.

    5. To upgrade a big, empty wall, divide a map into sections and frame each piece.

    6. Or forgo frames and get a vintage-inspired pull-down map.

    7. You can also use dowels and wire to make your own pull-down variety.

    8. Repurpose some old maps to make awesome letters for your bedroom.

    9. Or use two coats of Mod Podge to make a nighstand look THAT much cuter.

    10. Turn a map into an adorable tray using only 4 other materials.

    11. You can also take 5 minutes and turn your map into a placemat.

    12. Another tip: Spell out a saying in vinyl letters, add a coat of paint, and pull the letters off to reveal your prose.

    13. Or go for a fun scratch-off travel map to keep track of your adventures.

    14. It you want to avoid wallpaper, opt for one massive decal.

    15. You can also opt for a cheaper, more minimalist design.

    Get some map-spiration in your life.