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19 Charts That Totally Explain How To Give Yourself A Manicure

If your DIY mani looks like a 2-year-old did it...

1. Get the right tools.

2. Prep your nails like a pro.

3. Get the right shape before you paint.

4. Apply nail polish strategically.

5. Use Band-Aids (the sheer kind) to get perfect French tips...

6. Or try a thick rubber band...

7. Or go for hole reinforcement labels for the French look.

8. You can also use hole reinforcement labels to get a half moon manicure.

9. Try a toothpick to make small and sweet nail art...

10. Or you can DIY a dotting tool.

11. There are actually a ton of dotting options you should know about.

12. If you'd rather not use a dotting tool, try a Band-Aid.

13. Use tape to create geometric nails.

14. Blow through a straw to create splatter paint nails...

15. Or use an old makeup brush.

16. Draw designs with a metallic permanent marker.

17. Create an ombre look with a sponge.

18. Apply a petroleum-based ointment around the nails BEFORE you start painting for easy clean-up.

19. Use glitter polish to disguise chipped nails.