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18 Ways Real People Had Their Dream Weddings For $5,000 Or Less

You don't need to break the bank to have the best day ever.

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What do you do when 8 couples have baller weddings for under $5,000 (one even maxed out at $500!)?

You ask them to teach you their ways.

Here are a few little tricks and tips they swear by...

3. Look for a liquor store that lets you return unopened booze.

Jonas Seaman / Via

In certain states, you can return unopened alcohol to Sam's Club and Costco. Do a little research and see if you can get hooked up.

4. Go all out on Baby's Breath.

Keaton Peak for Anna Beth Photography / Via

Anna Beth of the Hello, Anna Beth blog remembers her moment of floral truth: "I want babies breath,” I told Jennie Ann. “Ok, and what else?” she responded. “Umm…more babies breath?” So that is what I got. Lots of babies breath.

6. Get creative with paper flowers.

Love is a Big Deal / Via

They are perfect for bookworm weddings, they don't need water, and guests can tear off a petal and jot down numbers of potential hook-ups.

7. Hire music students to play the ceremony.


Contact the music department at local colleges or universities to see if their students play events. They cost less than professional musicians and will bring some life to the party.

8. Ask a friend to make a cake instead of giving a gift.

Keaton Peak for Anna Beth Photography / Via

Or ask several cousins to bake a simple two-layer cake and frost it with white frosting; then decorate with flowers and call it a day.

10. DIY a door menu.

Christie Graham Photography / Via

Paint a door with chalkboard paint and write out table numbers and the events of the day. If you're feeling super sentimental, you can put it back on its hinges somewhere in the house.

11. Make a sawdust runner for practically nothing.

"I dyed sawdust, dried it in the sun for days and bagged it up. On the day of, with the help of my daughter Delilah, we busted it out in a little over an hour with a stencil I handmade," bride Leigh Ann told Green Wedding Shoes.

12. Get paper tablecloths for an outdoor wedding.

Kelly Hood // Jon Stars / Via

Classic checkered tablecloths are great for an outdoorsy, BBQ-inpired reception. And you won't care if you spill beer all over the table.

15. Use curtains as table runners.

Christie Graham Photography / Via

"Our table runners were made of cut-up curtains from Ikea, and the tables were purposely left bare as we loved the look of the wood," bride Sarah told Wedding Chicks.

17. Collect cheap vintage details.

John Newsome / Via

Bride Leigh Ann collected vintage postcards for guests to write their well wishes on, according to Green Wedding Shoes. Guests then hung them on twine clotheslines set up around the reception.

18. Buy your dress on eBay. / Via

"I had found my dress on ebay years ago, and purchased it because it was such a bargain and too good to resist," bride Pia told Green Wedding Shoes. "It was an original 50s prom dress with beautiful fluffy layers of pink and cream tulle and lace."

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