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Women Are Flaunting Red-Bottomed Nails With The Hashtag #LouboutinNails

Red bottoms everywhere.

Women have taken to Instagram to show off the red painted underneath their nails à la Louboutin heels.

The hashtag #LouboutinNails shows women who have taken the red-soled shoe trend to the salon.

See the resemblance?

Except a manicure doesn't cost $700.

Some women get the look professionally done.


While others do it themselves.


While black and red seems to be the favorite color combo...

How appropriate.

New color palettes have been popping up.

Like this surprising lilac-red partnership.

Like red and white.


Some nails are even studded...


Of course, stiletto nails take the irony up a notch.

Those are some fine red-bottomed stilettos.

And in the end, it makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

Because your hands are the feet of your arms, which means the shoes to those hand-feet would be nails...get it?! OK, whatever.

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