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14 Charts Anyone Who Sucks At Hair Will Appreciate

Curl up with some unbeweavable advice (sorry, guys).

BuzzFeed / Andrew Richard

1. There's a chance you've been using bobby pins wrong this ENTIRE time.

BuzzFeed / Via Facebook: buzzfeedtopknot

Turn the bobby pin so that the ridged side is flat against your head. The ridges are made to grip onto your hair while the flat side looks polished and clean.

2. Make sure you're buying the right brushes for your hair type and desired style.

If you're looking for that *perfect* blowout look, invest in a good diagonal or mixed-bristle brush.

3. Pick the perfect flat iron to join your hairstyling squad.

The thicker your hair is, the larger your flat iron should be.

4. K.N.O.W. your curl pattern.

Understanding more about your curl pattern can help you determine the right tools and products to create the styles of your ~dreams~.

5. Add new braids to your hair vocabulary.

We all know fishtail and three-strand, but have you ever tried a feather braid?

6. Don't throw money away by using excess product on your hair!

BuzzFeed / Via Facebook: buzzfeedtopknot

No, you're not supposed to use a cupcake-sized glop of conditioner on your hair.

7. Know the right terms to talk about your hair like a *pro.*

Also note that the strand itself is called a "follicle."

8. If you're unsure about getting bangs, finally figure out your face shape.

Oval face shapes are just so damn lucky.

9. Get a little help picking out your perfect hair color.

Tonality is key when it comes to picking the perfect color.

10. Figure out how to use your curling iron to get different looks.

How you wrap your hair around the barrel of the curling iron can drastically affect the end result. Get more curling tips at The Beauty Snoop.

11. Know the ABCs of curly hair for the best locks of your LIFE.

Hydrate curls with butters and oils, sleep on a satin pillow, and avoid sulfate-riddled shampoos. Get more curly hair into at Naturally Curly.

12. And keep a few simple and cute curly hairstyles in your back pocket for when you're feeling extra lazy.

Save time in the morning and look cute as hell.

13. If your curl pattern is suffering, switch up your bedtime style.

Satin bonnet all the way 'cuz laziness.

14. If you're experiencing breakage and frizziness after drying your hair, swap your towel out for a tee.

Gently dry — don't twist — your hair for easy drying without damaging your locks. For more hair tips, check out Michelle Phan.

You got this.