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17 Gifts Outdoorsy People Will Absolutely Love

Show your lumbersexual some love.

Amy Sefton for BuzzFeed

1. This portable campfire log:

Each log burns from the inside out for up to 90 minutes of compact fire, which makes it perfect for cooking hotdogs over a campfire. Get it here ($20.98).

2. These Parks Project tees:

A portion of proceeds from all Parks Project sales go towards preserving national parks, which your lumbersexual would definitely approve of. Get the Tahoe one here and the Muir Woods one here ($32 each).

3. This compact stainless steel shot glass set:

The glasses fit inside a steel case for easy carrying and quick drinking. Get it here ($17.98).

4. These night sky bandanas:

So they can read the stars. Get the set here ($22.98).

5. This all-in-one box opener, screwdriver, wrench and ruler:

Taking multitasking to a whole new level. Get it here ($6).

6. This water-resistant, wireless pocket speaker that also happens to look baller AF:

Charge it for 1 hour and it'll run for 8 hours—and it works with any Bluetooth-compatible devices. Get it here ($60).

7. This insulated, portable pint glass:

The double-wall vacuum insulation keeps contents cold for 5 hours for the perfect camping refreshment. Get it here ($18.98).

8. These crazy lightweight, inflatable solar lights:

These magical things stay lit for 16 hours, weigh almost nothing, and recharge in 7 hours of direct sunlight. Perfect for backpacking. Get them here ($20.98).

9. This hand-crafted bird call:

So they can bring all the birds to the yard. Get it here ($22.98).

10. This super-handy reflective spray for evening runs or bike rides:

This water-resistant reflective coating sprays on clear and only becomes visible in the dark. Spray gear, shoes, or even skin to stay visible during evening hours. Buy it here ($32.98).

11. This cozy corduroy Patagonia cap:

Get it here ($35).

12. This hardcore waterproofing wax so everything they own can stand up to the rain:

Waterproofing takes effect immediately, so this is a great tool to have in your backpack. Get it here ($15).

13. These deodorizing body wipes for when showering is just not in the cards:

Large, biodegradable wipes packed individually that clean and moisturize. Get a pack here ($8).

14. This vintage external frame backpack:

Get it here ($48). For more of an investment, check out some retro-inspired backpacks from Kelty.

15. This woodsy all-natural trail soap that's made to smell like the forest:

Juniper Ridge is a wilderness perfumer that distills and extracts fragrances (from moss, mushrooms and tree trimmings) for scents that are all too legit. Get it here ($20).

16. This Douglas Fir tea that tastes like the outdoors:

To sip while at work and fantasize about nature. Get it here ($13).

17. This book that will totally to speak to their heart:


A guide to all things outdoorsy. Get it here ($24.95).

Give them the gift of the ~outdoors~.