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    19 Free Phone Backgrounds That'll Force You To Smile

    Start the school year off with a pixelated pick-me-up.

    1. This message that will totally set the tone for the year ahead:

    2. This perfect way to start your morning:

    3. This reminder when you're feeling anxious:

    4. This message that will soothe your ambitious soul:

    5. This watercolor mantra for days when you just don't feel like yourself:

    6. These words that you should play on repeat in your head:

    7. This gentle reminder that you're so important and valuable:

    8. This Coco Chanel quote that is never not 100% accurate:

    9. This little pep talk if you're feeling blue:

    10. This message that reminds you to shake it off and give yourself a hug:

    11. This reminder to keep your head up:

    12. This ~inspiring~ bit of text:

    13. This statement that's just as bold as you are:

    14. This background that gets right to the point:

    15. This reminder to always love yourself first:

    16. This text because YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH:

    17. This sweet little reminder from you to you:

    18. This relaxing and subtle background for when you need a moment to yourself:

    19. And lastly, this mantra that you should bury deep in your heart: