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    Hair Tattoos Are Finally Here And They're Fancy AF

    So sleek. So shiny.

    This week, Kylie Jenner was photographed at her L.A. home just minding her own business and playing with her puppies...

    Michael Simon / Michael Simon/

    Normal everyday stuff, really.

    Except wut the wut wut is that golden design in her hair?

    Michael Simon / Michael Simon/

    Is it magic?


    Michael Simon / Michael Simon/

    Tell us your secrets, oh stylish one.

    The answer: hair tattoos.

    Scunci is selling packs of temporary metallic hair and body tattoos for $4.99 at stores like Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Ulta, and Target.

    Designs come in silver and gold so you can sparkle FOR DAYS.


    Each pack has two sheets of designs, so you can use one for shimmery holiday hair and the other for New Year's when you want to get drunk and not worry about your headband falling off/looking cray in pics.

    To apply them, hold the tattoo design-side-down against your hair.

    Just like you would apply a temporary tattoo on your skin. Also, hair tats tend to show up better on straight hair since the smooth surface prevents them from becoming distorted.

    Then, dab the tat with a wet cotton ball.

    Dabbity dab dab.

    And then peel off the paper.

    And TA-DA!!!! Flash Tattoos for your hair.


    To get rid of them, just wash your hair.

    You can place them on either side of your head to dress up a part.

    Or apply a few of the same pattern for a continuous shimmery headband look.

    Except you don't have to worry about those awkward fly-aways.

    You can use them to embellish a braid. / Via

    Get more info here.

    Or just add a baller accent to your everyday hair ~lewk~.

    Siobhan Retsina-O'Mahony / Via

    Watch this video for more info.

    Hair tattoos FTW!