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17 Ways To Squeeze A Little Extra Storage Out Of A Tiny Kitchen

Because a little extra space goes a long way.

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4. Make the most of a tiny counter with a wall-mounted sink caddy.

You can get one from Ikea for $16.99. Now you can use that valuable space for more important things, like prepping a personal batch of chocolate chip cookies.

6. You can also upgrade to a full-on grid system so you can add on more storage in seconds. / Via

This is a slightly different take on a more classic pegboard, but you can choose all different kinds of attachments to really get the most out of vertical storage. This pictured version is sold out, but you can find something similar here.


11. And for upper cabinets, know that extra cabinet shelves are your new BFFs.

Seriously. Store small dishes, mugs, and serving odds and ends on these mini platforms to make the most of that space. Get them here ($13.12).


12. For a quick storage fix, stick some adhesive command hooks on the wall and hang bulkier items.

This trick is perfect for renters who don't feel like investing in a place. And how cute are those colanders? Learn more about it here.

13. Or screw hooks underneath a shelf to hang cooking basics.

Brass hooks give this idea a hint of added design. This trick is also great for a kitchen without a backsplash because it adds some much-needed ~interest~ to the walls. seemore kitchn inspo here.

14. Get an over-the-sink shelf to double up on counter space.

Use it to store cute canisters or at least get your dishwashing implements off the counter so that you have more room to do what you need to do. Get an over-the-sink shelf here and here.

17. If you want to take back space under your sink, ditch your old trash can and get a cute one that you don't mind having out.

Who would want to hide that thing in a cabinet? Get a cute gold trash can here ($49.95) or a neat industrial-looking one here ($24).